11 reasons

ION can help you win

Reason No. 1

Seriously powerful
algos and analytics

Execute complex orders and achieve best possible execution with our market-leading
benchmark algos and synthetic spread trader. Monitor and optimize your execution
performance in real time with our sophisticated order analytics.

Execution and Order Management [PDF]
Advanced Execution Tools [PDF]

Reason No. 2

High-performance order management

GTP makes it easy to manage complex electronic workflows with bulking, stitching, linking, and spread tail management of orders.

Advanced Order Management [PDF]

Reason No. 3

High-touch, low-touch ... and no-touch!

Execute all types of business, from high-touch care orders to zero-touch DMA.

Low-touch [PDF]

Reason No. 4

Works with your in-house technology ...

You can customise your GTP solution, white label your user interfaces, and integrate with internal or third-party algos.

Simplifying the world of execution [PDF]

Reason No. 5

... or standalone

Choose our fully-managed, ION cloud solution for quick, easy deployment and lower costs. All with the same advanced capabilities.

GTP Multi-broker Workstation [PDF]

Reason No. 6

Simplicity costs less

GTP natively supports all your FIX flow, order
management, and trading needs. Replace complex
legacy systems with one integrated solution.

Reason No. 7

Get in pole position

We drive innovation in trade execution and automation, working with the largest global execution firms.

Reason No. 8

Streamlined workflow automation

Real-time integrated workflows and data, including execution, trade allocations, and clearing, delivering state-of-the-art automation.

Learn more about our Front-to-Back solution

Reason No. 9

Real-time regulatory compliance

Stay compliant with a managed solution that’s always up to date.

Reason No. 10

An unrivaled network

Get access to a global trading community of Tier 1 banks, execution brokers, and specialist trading firms through GTP’s unparalleled exchange coverage and our comprehensive FIX network.

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Reason No. 11

We empower
your business to win

GTP’s modular technology, efficiency, and
automation empower your business to keep

GTP is offered in three service levels -
which one is right for you?

GTP Workstation

Trade anytime, anywhere

  • Buy side/Sell side
  • 1–50 users
  • Advanced execution tools
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Make your workflows easier

  • Sell side
  • 1–50 users
  • Manage inbound FIX connectivity with integrated EOMS
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GTP Enterprise

Do everything you need in one solution

  • Sell side
  • >50 users
  • Customize to meet your needs in scale and differentiate with Front-to-Back integration
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Advanced Execution

Ensure the best possible execution while reducing costs with our intelligent advanced execution tools.

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Global Order Management

Handle your order flow no matter how large or complex.

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Greatly simplify your workflows so you can focus on client service and expanding your business.

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Synthetic Spread Trader

Build complex, cross exchange strategies with ease.

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Access your community, access your markets. All from one place.

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Trade Allocation Service

Manage your post trade workflows all from a single view.

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