11 reasons

ION can help you win with Fidessa

Reason No. 1

powerful algos

Execute complex orders and achieve best possible execution with our market-leading benchmark algos and pairs trading. Monitor and optimize your execution performance in real time with our sophisticated order analytics.

Fidessa Global Equity Algos [PDF]

Reason No. 2

High-performance order management

The Fidessa Trading Platform makes it easy to manage complex electronic workflows with compositing, booking, position management, and risk management of orders.

Fidessa Core Platform [PDF]

Reason No. 3

low-touch ...
and no-touch

Execute all types of business, from
high-touch care orders to zero-touch DMA.

Fidessa Low Touch [PDF]

Reason No. 4

Works with your
technology ...

You can customize your solution, import and export static data, white label algos, and integrate with internal or third-party algos.

Reason No. 5

.... or standalone

Choose our fully-managed, ION cloud solution for quick, easy deployment and lower costs. All with the same advanced capabilities.

Reason No. 6

Simplicity costs less

The Fidessa Trading Platform natively supports all
your FIX flow, order management, and trading
needs. Replace complex legacy systems with one
integrated solution.

Reason No. 7

Get in pole position

We drive innovation in trade execution and automation, working with the largest global execution firms.

Reason No. 8

Streamlined workflow automation

Real-time integrated workflows and data, including execution, trade allocations, and state-of-the-art automation.

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Reason No. 9


Stay compliant with a managed solution that’s always up to date. Optional market-abuse surveillance software, available as an integrated component, for MAR obligations.

Reason No. 10

An unrivaled

Instant access to more than 6,500 buy-side customers and 600 brokers around the world, through 26 data centers across four continents. Execute orders on more than 100 equities markets.

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Reason No. 11

We empower
your business to win

The Fidessa Trading Platform’s modular
technology, efficiency, and automation
empower your business to keep succeeding.

With sophisticated algorithmic trading, comprehensive order management, seamless straight-through processing to the middle office, and integration with third-party systems and technologies, our solution has everything you need to trade on equity markets worldwide.

Global connectivity

26 data centers across
4 continents, providing unrivalled connectivity

Global coverage

Instant access to more than 6,500 equities buy-side customers around the world

Global community

25,000 users at 1,500 firms, with 200 Fidessa platforms managing $22 trillion annually

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Real-Time Database
Technology you can bank on

Greatly simplify your workflows so you can focus on client service and expanding your business.

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Ensure the best possible execution while reducing costs with our intelligent trading solution.

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Trading algorithms of the future

Automate your swaps trading to boost efficiency, reduce risk, and stay ahead of the competition

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