11 reasons

ION Desktop can help you win

Reason No. 1

Make your software
work together

New, legacy, and third-party applications run together seamlessly in a single user interface, as if that’s what they were designed to do.

Get the most out of your software [PDF]

Reason No. 2

Streamline your workflow

Create a seamless workflow with multi-application layouts that enable several programs to run simultaneously in the same workspace.

Reason No. 3

Build a better,
simpler user

Maximize your desktop real estate. Access any application from a single user interface without interrupting your workflow.

Reason No. 4

Get the information
you need

Retrieve and extend custom or ION Business Services data for all your business workflows, integrating it into any user interface.

Reason No. 5

Easy to use

One-click deployment and standard packaging enables applications to run automatically at start-up.

How can ION Desktop help you work faster and more efficiently

Reason No. 6

Reduce your costs

Regardless of which underlying technology your
enterprise applications are built upon, you can
unify them with little to no code.

Reason No. 7

Make a worldwide ConnectION

Our customers include some of the world’s largest global firms. We’re working together to continuously evolve our offerings and help them win.

Reason No. 8

See more of what you’re getting

Open-source code provides transparency and faster integration for our global enterprise user base.

Reason No. 9


Boost operations efficiency with preemptive monitoring using real-time usage data.

Reason No. 10

Limitless growth

Open interoperability protocol enables the endless extension of your product boundaries.

Reason No. 11

Free your business
to grow

Unshackle your potential with our modular
technology, which can scale to massive
volumes with no need for costly upgrades.

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ION Desktop provides a framework that connects any software in a single user interface. Our solution is designed to remove barriers and clutter, so you can focus on what’s really important.


Eliminate repetitive tasks and reduce the chance for error

Multi-application layouts

Run several programs in a single workspace

Easy integration

Deploy and upgrade all applications, including those that are custom developed

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