11 reasons

ION can help you win

Reason No. 1

Your new back office,

Take advantage of XTP Core’s automated, real-time capabilities to remove manual tasks,
improving service levels to customers by processing their business on top day.

XTP Core [PDF]

Reason No. 2

matched, cleared,

Process millions of trades per day, with STP rates of over 99.99%, using XTP Clearing - our complete and flexible solution for matching, clearing, and allocations.

XTP Clearing [PDF]

Reason No. 3

Data and analytics at your fingertips

Give your operations teams and customers flexible MI dashboards with real-time views of key business attributes, operational KPIs, historical trends and forecasts. All through our web-based front-end.

XTP Margin Module [PDF]

Reason No. 4

It works if you’re big....

Adopt our full post-trade suite, or pick and choose from a list of value-added modules and solutions. Our component-based XTP architecture accommodates your specific needs.

XTP Fees Module [PDF]
XTP Match [PDF]

Reason No. 5

.... it works if you’re small

Choose XTP’s complete, fully managed post-trade suite, which provides clearing connectivity, middle office, back office, reconciliations and risk management– all in a single integrated platform.

Reason No. 6

Efficiency cuts costs

Boost your operational efficiency and reduce the
costs to run your business with XTP’s automation
and exception management model.

Reason No. 7

Make a worldwide ConnectION

Don’t get left behind. Our customers include the world’s largest global clearing firms. We’re working together to continuously evolve our offering and help them win.

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Reason No. 8

Front to back … to front again

Harness the power of connected data. Unify your execution and post-trade into an automated, real-time workflow to offer your clients a superior service.

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Reason No. 9

Minimize your risk

Get a complete view of your post-trade risk and margin requirements in real-time, complemented by sophisticated limit management and alerting, “what-if” and stress test capabilities.

XTP Risk [PDF]

Reason No. 10

A unified user experience

Give key stakeholders and clients easy access to our intuitive web-based front-end, to create ad hoc dashboards and self-service their data needs from a single solution.

Reason No. 11

Free your
business to grow

Unshackle your potential with our modular
technology, which can scale to massive volumes
with no need for costly upgrade.

Whether you’re a global clearer or a firm clearing through a third party, XTP can transform your complexity into simplicity.

Business scalability

Average STP rate
of 99.8%


Real-time fees, commissions, margins, OTE, and more


Comprehensive reporting

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XTP Core

Next Generation real time trade processing and settlement solution.

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XTP Clearing

Automate your workflow with a complete solution for matching, allocation and clearing.

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XTP Margin Module

Calculate exchange margins and valuations in real time.

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XTP Fees Module

One touch quotation and approval workflow for commission schedule management.

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XTP Match

Meet all your reconciliation needs and simplify existing workflows.

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XTP Risk

Track your positions, P&L and margin exposure in real time.

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