Back-office simplicity starts with XTP Spark

No more waiting 24 hours to deal with trade processing issues
No more waiting around for clients to receive their data
No more late nights resolving trade breaks
No more painful T+1 reconciliations
No more surprises on margin calls

Get a back-office platform out of the box

Quick-to-deploy, XTP Spark is ideal for clearers who require a real-time, automated back-office solution enabling same-day processing.


Core processing functionality

Back-office trade processing for up to 15 exchanges

Clearing membership functionality

Matching, allocations, regulatory and exchange reporting for up to three clearing memberships


Built-in exchange reconciliations, customizable client and
internal recs

Trade regeneration

Trade regeneration, trade linking for two legal entities

Data porting

Simple data import/export mapper and scheduler

Open API

Real-time data extracts (JDBC API)

Data service

Product static, settlement prices, margin parameters, exchange

Ignite your back-office digital journey, with XTP Spark

Power up your back-office

Seize opportunities and meet goals across your business

For operations leads

  • Streamlines operational tasks
  • Removes redundant reconciliations
  • Timely, accurate reporting
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For business leads

  • Efficient business processes
  • Positioned for scale
  • Enables great customer service
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For technology leads

  • Time boxed deployment
  • Simple to integrate
  • Open API
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